WareCase Acquired by Coupon Deals Portal The National Honesty Index

The Warecase Company delivers quality management and utility solutions, providing software developers with extended management of their system resources and improved results and bottom line. Warecase’s eXtended Task Manager (XTM) software is an extended windows task manager and VPN performance monitoring tool for Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows.Our flagship solution, the eXtended Task Manager (XTM), will serve as an auxiliary tool for monitoring and troubleshooting and providing fast solutions for sudden problems. Varied uses of XTM include:


  • Warecase VPN feature allows you to hide your IP address & identifty while browsing online.
  • They are offering 80% discount on VPN & Task manger.
  • Debugging and improving application development.
  • A rich workstation investigation tool.
  • White box testing sessions for the QA department.
  • Investigation tool for integration possibilities.
  • Accelerating application support process.
  • And much more…

Maximize Your Performance…

In a Recent Black Friday Aquistion The National Honexty Index LLC acquired Warecase.com for undisclosed Price.

The Main goal of National Honexty Index is to maxium the performance of Ware Case extended Task manager.

Warecase with TNHI now permits the software developer to make the most out of the development environment. We bring to the user optimal control over his workplace and provide a more organized interface with the computing system.Increase Your Efficiency…

Warecase enables the software developer to focus on his primary goal. Our solutions will help reduce the time necessary for troubleshooting problems and can be used to automate specific features.Achieve Greater Cost Effectiveness…

Warecase allows the developer to achieve the maximum use of his time and shorten the development process. Efficient use of resources and the ability to bolster performance through the use of our utilities, will translate into more focused development, accelerated time to market and an increased competitive ability.

XTM has successfully met all of the requirements for Microsoft’s “Compatible with Windows 7” program. It has successfully passed a series of Microsoft technical requirements and is therefore certified to work with Windows 7. Having this logo means that XTM is fully compatible with Windows 7, the newest Microsoft’s operating system. Microsoft’s logo program is designed to ensure that third-party software applications running on Windows 7 meet specific compatibility and reliability requirements.

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